Too Much Glory for Arduino

Arduino is so simple and elegant to use; yes, I understand. However the Arduino IDE shouldn’t get more glory than it deserves. For the record beginners would be better served by using a Wordpad or Dashcode editor and dragging/dropping the files into a processor that compiled and uploaded HEXes. Not only would users be more efficient and benefit, the dev team would be more efficient building that product. Instead, the Arduino dev team wastes effort by adding features and fixing bugs in the Arduino IDE — all of which have already been raised and addressed in a myriad of other editors and IDEs. Users have to struggle with those bugs and lacking features, yet so many praise the IDE and its low barrier-to-entry. The IDE kinda blows. Its multithreading model is broken @ v1.0 and the development team lets simple editor bugs hang around for years without a fix – like Ctrl-Z undo not moving the cursor. The worship of it should cease. Over and out…


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