ATMega32u4 + WS2801 Demo Jig

I posted some firmware for an ATMega32u4 + WS2801 combo that works for demonstration or testing. This code is based on Sparkfun’s but has been modified to run on an ATMega32u4 with LUFA firmware support and compiles with avr-gcc. The LUFA usage is just there for show but with a little effort can be extended.

Pictured above is the firmware running with a WS2801 strip. I’m finding the random generator produces some washed-out colors, but in general they move properly down the strip.

IMPORTANT! Trying to drive the whole strip from USB/5V on the 32u4 will kill the MCU with overcurrent draw. Don’t do this! The default set in Main.c is 1. The MAX number is somewhere around 8.

Pinouts are described in firmware/main.c.


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