Sun, Moon, Earth

Sunset over the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado only lasted a few minutes today and was perhaps the best scene of the solar eclipse on this cloudy day. I’ve seen a few (annual) solar eclipses, several lunar eclipses, a blue-moon lunar eclipse, and moonset during a lunar eclipse; but this was my first time seeing a solar eclipse at sunset. It was unforgettable. The photo shows the unmistakable perspective of Sun, Moon, and Earth.

For this photo I used my Meade 90mm Maksutov/Cassegrain and taped a few pieces of printer paper to a magazine. For viewing it was great – I don’t mind laying on the ground to see something like this. But for photos I had to hold everything up by myself so it was difficult to get everything focused properly. When sunset started images like this started appearing on the projection matte. There was no time to improve my setup — rim-to-rim of sunset was only about 120 seconds.

This comes with the usual disclaimer: viewing the sun with naked eyes can be damaging, and viewing the sun with magnification can be instantly blinding. Viewing the sun with magnification should only be performed with qualified scientific solar filters or by using a safe method of projecting the image onto a matte (non-glossy) surface.


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