XBot: Ninja X1, Dancebot X1

The Ninja X1 (pictured above) is an Android toy figure customized by Nati513, with electronics based on the open-source hardware platform Arduino. The Ninja X1 is the cousin of the Dancebot X1, which was the original concept prototype started in the summer of 2011. The Ninja X1 traversed across the country more than once, stopping off to be customized, to visit an art show, and finally to find a permanent home. It was shown at the Robots vs Zombies Art war show at The Rusted Nail in Mesa, AZ in 2011.

This video shows the Dancebot – the first of the “XBots” I ever built. Like the Ninja X1, it has a motion detector, an Arduino, a servo motor, and was inspired by a video on posted on YouTube from Spain.

I built a few of the XBots last year, have some that remain unfinished, and have custom circuits that I’m testing and revising for more. They’re tiny – 3.5in tall – so getting things right has been challenging and there are still some rough edges on my designs that I’m working through (slowly). Stay tuned.

My friend Nati513 has more custom vinyl figures, including Androids, for sale at the Tenacious Toys website.


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