Galaxy Zoo for Android – 10k Downloads and Counting

Galaxy Zoo for Android was the first Android application I published in the Amazon App Store and Google Play (then called the Android Market). It was the 3rd or 4th serious Android app I’d developed, starting with my submission for ADC-1 in 2008. It’s a fun application to use if you love science. The app hit 10k downloads in December, 2011 and according to unofficial stats you astronomy buffs have classified over 250k galaxies with it. That’s so awesome!

The stats also show the latest Android OS as the dominant user-base. Whenver I check there’s signficant (if not most) usage on the latest Android OSes. Right now I see significant ICS (Android 4.0) usage even though ICS devices are still rare. It’s great that the app is forward-compatible and that many users push the envelope.

I’ve published more Android apps since then and have become even more experienced than when I built GZ for Android. Hopefully there will be time in the future to build more apps for Zooniverse. I’d love to build Planet Hunters or Whale.FM for Android. Better yet would be to build one of those apps for mobile web browsers. In the meantime, for 2012, maybe I’ll deliver a reasonable update to Galaxy Zoo for Android – to add the fav feature. I should have enough time to deliver that to the Zookeepers this year.

To download Galaxy Zoo for Android on your phone or tablet, visit the webpage at Google Play or search Google Play for “Galaxy Zoo”.



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