Mobile Multiplayer Game

You keep asking me if my robots can fight! You may get your wish…

scoring aparatus for my Sphero game

This wiry looking thing is the scoring apparatus for a mobile multiplayer game. It was borne out of a concept I thought of for the Sphero Hackathon in February, 2012. The hackathon was fun and productive – quite awesome for any true geek, whether programmer or not. The engineering team at Orbotix was easy to work with. They clearly made it a top-priority to help the hackers use their SDK; and they generously shared software, hardware, examples, helped us fix problems when we got stuck, and even extended support to us after the contest.

The game is played with two+ Sphero robots and two+ Android devices, and of course, the wiry aparatus. It has been demonstrated that: the apparatus design is whacked! This was the 2nd prototype and it’s being revised for a 4th. Hopefully the new prototype will withstand enough real-world playtime to see if the game is fun. I’m not saying much more about the game. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’ll actually be playable. If it is, I’m sure it’ll be fun – and there will be battling.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Multiplayer Game

  1. Thanks man! Rev.4 of the scoring board got rid of mechanical parts that could break easily and is more robust. It’s looking pretty good and more demos are coming.

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